How Performed Damwon Gaming Dominate The 2020 World Championship

DAMWON Gaming: Who Are They

DAMWON Gaming was the League Champions Korea's first seed in the League of Legends World Championship. DAMWON gaming: who are they? DAMWON Gaming brings the Summoner's Cup back to the LCK in dominating fashion. There are many questions to ask when a team runs through the World Championship with only three losses , like the ones that made this team so dominant and how does this team compare with previous champions.

The team's fundamentals and macro game are unmatched. The team is able to mechanically beat any competitor. Canyon and Beryl were the best performers on the team and dominated the rest of the world. However, the most significant, and arguably most important factor in DAMWON's dominance their flexibility, especially Nuguri and Showmaker.

The Performances of the Summer Season of DAMWON Team

DAMWON gaming: who are they?DAMWON gaming: who are they? DAMWON Gaming, a Korean Esports organization. In the summer time, DAMWON's mid laner led all LCK mid laners in participating in 71% of the team's kills. He was third among the mid laners at World Championship participation, with 59% of the kills. DAMWON was heavily dependent on Showmaker in the summer months to assist them in their move across the map and gain early advantages.

The Team Performance of DAMWON at the World Championship

DAMWON asked Showmaker during the World Championship to anchor the middle lane more often, in the meantime, Canyon and Beryl impacted the map. This doesn't mean Showmaker has regressed and DAMWON has changed their normal mode of play.

This flexibility was perfectly demonstrated in the semifinals against G2. In the first and fourth games the Twisted Fate of Showmaker swam around and impacted the map. In game three the Showmaker's Syndra stayed in lane and pressed Caps and prevented him from causing damage to the map.

Nuguri's versatility is evident by his selection of champions at the World Championship compared to the summer season. The most frequently played champions for Nuguri during the summer time were Jayce, Camille, and Renekton. The trio of aggressive players provided him with an advantage of early priority to stop the top-ranked opponents.

Nuguri's highest played champions in the World Championship shifted to more friendly and teamfighting picks such as Ornn, Kennen, and Lulu. These selections allowed Canyon and Ghost to take on opponents early and late in skirmishes.


Again, this shift shouldn't be interpreted as an improvement. Nuguri still boasted the highest KDA and EXP ratio at 10 minutes amongst top laners at the tournament. He had also the second highest damage per minute, just after Suning's Bin.

His ability to play on both the strong and weak sides of the map makes DAMWON almost impossible to draft against and even harder to beat. This is evident in DAMWON's combined 49-8 record at LCK summer as well as the World Championship.

With all that said, how does this team compare against world champions from the past? Analysts agree that 2015 Samsung White and 2015 SK Telecom were among the best performances in World Championship history.

In the first place, when looking at the record of matches played by DAMWON The 2020 champions are behind the two teams mentioned in that Samsung White only lost two games and 2015 SK Telecom only lost one. DAMWON is also lower than the two other teams the overall KDA. DAMWON's 1,590 gold differential at 15 minutes falls short of Samsung White's impressive 3125 gold differential.

DaMWON's objective control is one of the most impressive control in the history of the game in other statistics like baron control rate and the first tower rate. Samsung White's 2014 campaign was without doubt the greatest team ever. There is no team that has ever dominated the opposition the way Samsung White did.

What is the World Championship's DAMWON position?

However, DAMWON made a case as the second-best team of the history of the World Championship. DAMWON is the top team for almost every stat, even though SK Telecom lost only one game. If you look at the quality of competition, DAMWON overall played stronger competition in the sense that JGD, DRX, and G2 were all stronger teams than the 2015 EDward Gaming, ahq, Origen.

If we look back, ROX tigers was the only comparatively strong team SK Telecom had in that tournament. This DAMWON Gaming run is only second to 2014 Samsung White when you take all of that into consideration including the split in summer.


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