What Is Cloud Gaming? Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Cloud Gaming


Revisiting the question of Cloud gaming



You know whenever we use our computer, we use resources like hard disk, network, and so on. Cloud computing allows computers to access data on another computer, or server. The computer can also use other resources from data centers. Share resources like network, storage, processing power, etc. There are a variety of data centers and servers scattered around the globe. A normal computer has a hard drive to store data. However, if you need more storage you can either purchase a hard drive or use the cloud computing service. Cloud computing is essentially a service. It allows you to share computer resources, data and storage on the internet.

This is the same idea is being used in cloud gaming.

What exactly is Cloud Gaming?

If you're a basic computer user but still want to enjoy high-quality graphics, cloud gaming could be an ideal alternative. You can access all of the resources, such as rendering and graphics processing remotely from your computer via the internet-connected servers. You don't need to construct a highly-cost gaming setup or purchase a console equipped with high-end graphics and processing power. Just with your normal computer, you can feel the same experience of gaming that you would get from a premium gaming system. All you need is your keyboard and mouse. The processing and rendering is completed by the server. Through the internet, you can access the resources , such as graphics rendering power and processing power.

Revisiting the question of Cloud gaming Cloud gaming, although you don't require a expensive PC, you do need a very good internet connection. Because the gaming resources share online and all the game data, including rendering graphics, texture shadow, game physics, game mechanics and more are heavily processing tasks. It is imperative to be connected. Else it could be an issue. It is possible that you experience a slow internet connection that may cause delays in your game.


Cloud Gaming's Advantages

Do not need to invest in a high-budget gaming machine. You would not need to upgrade your computer or console.

You can play on a Windows PC or Mac. No matter what type of PC you own. Cloud gaming makes the multiplayer game independent of any platform.

There is no maintenance. In cloud gaming, you do not need to maintain anything.

Some games require a download of 20GB, 30GB or more. Cloud gaming lets you play immediately without having to download anything.

The disadvantages of Cloud Gaming:

Gamers require a reliable internet connection that is free of any issues.

An internet connection of high quality isn't available in certain areas. With a reasonable cost this could be a problem

Gamer isn't able to play if connection fails due to a reason.

Cloud gaming uses a lot of bandwidth. If a game lasts more than 1 hour may consume 25GB of bandwidth.

Cloud gaming is not available from many businesses, but there are some options like Gaikai and Onlive.

Cloud gaming service charge applicable to playing games.

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